Posted by : admin | On : May 13, 2011

Electric deposit light companyDo you think a $350 deposit is an outrageous amount to ask for a deposit to get your lights turned on? For many people this could really hurt the pocket book but fortunately there are quiet a few ways around paying a high deposit amount.

For instance if you receive any type of government assistance you can speak with the department of health and human services and they may be able to help you pay that deposit amount.

To get this type of government assistance you will have to use the exact same address, phone number, and name with your electric company as what you have on file with the DHHS government agency or you will be turned down.

To get your name, address, and phone number information in line just call both places and make sure the information lines up. If it does not make sure you get one or the other to change the information so that it matches.

For many people working with the government on waiving an electric deposit is way more trouble than it is worth. In this situation you can instead just sign up with a prepay/prepaid electricity company.

A prepaid electricity supplier will turn on service for around $100 – $200 and this covers your first months electric bill most times.

The prepaid electric companies either will estimate your electric usage each month based on the size of the home you are living in or they will utilize a smart meter to get real time electricity usage sent to them.

If you have a smart meter the electric usage will not be estimated but you will actually be charged for only the amount of electricity you use.

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