Posted by : admin | On : May 13, 2011

Low deposit light companyIf you have no established electric utility billing history, no credit or bad credit you will be asked for a deposit by all electric companies you contact.

The only electric companies that will not ask you for a deposit in this situation are prepaid light companies.

A normal electric deposit for someone with no credit or bad credit is usually $300 or more.

If you do not have this type of money for an electricity deposit I recommend signing up with a prepaid electric company to get you started.

A prepay light company will estimate your usage or may use a smart meter. Either way to get started with a prepay company will cost you about $175 on average.

The $175 charge is applied to your first months electricity usage and so unlike a deposit that is over and above what you pay monthly your prepaid amount goes directly towards your bill.

So a low deposit amount would really look like $200 and this would be the amount of your credit was okay.