Posted by : admin | On : May 13, 2011

No deposit prepaid electric companyFortunately the answer to the low deposit question is an easy one. All electric companies use a number you probably have heard about before called the credit score number.

Based on your credit score determines what your deposit amount will be.

Each electric company will ask you for a slightly similar deposit amount if you fail the credit check.

If you fail a credit check with one electric company you will likely fail it with all of them.

So then what do you do if you are asked for a deposit $500 and up because your credit stink or you simply do not have credit?

There are alternative choices but that means you can’t jut go with a nice big energy brand that is traditionally used in your area.

Instead you must look at electricity offers from what are known as prepaid, prepay and no deposit electric companies.

We have a list and comparison of no deposit electric companies in your area.

To browse these type of offers just enter your zip code in the compare tool at the top right of this site.

Once you have entered in your zip code a comparison chart will appear. Go over to the no deposit electricity tab to compare available offers.