Posted by : admin | On : May 13, 2011

Good prepay electric companyFinding a good prepaid electric company has become a real issue the last couple of years as there have been some very bad electric companies that have come into existence with the sole purpose of scamming their customers.

Now most electric providers are not in the scam business and as your energy consulting company we do or best to filter out companies that are just plain no good to do business with.

In fact our comparison chart bundles in all fees and charges in the rates we show you to assist in making it absolutely clear what your electric rate will be.

We offer traditional electric company choices as well as prepaid electric companies.

You can find all of our available prepaid electric companies we believe are good and recommend to our own family and friends on the “No Deposit” tab.

If you have been turned down because of your credit by one electric company chances are it will be the same story with any other provider you talk to.

The reason this is so is because they all check your credit score to see if you qualify to get your lights turned on with them with no deposit required.

A prepaid electric company will charge you in one of two ways. If you have a smart electric meter we have prepay electric suppliers that will read your real time data and charge you for actual electric usage used.

If you do not have a smart meter we have prepaid electric providers that will estimate your electric usage and charge you on what they estimate you will use.

The estimates made by your prepaid electric company will be based mainly on the size of the place you will be staying in.

A good prepaid electric company will usually be able to get your lights turned on for a beginning price of anywhere from $100 – $200 to start.

Your initial amount you pay is deducted from your first months electric usage and is an easy way around paying an electricity deposit.

If you would like to check into available no credit check no deposit electric companies please use our comparison tool at the top right.

All you need to do to get started is enter in your zip code and click on “Compare”