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Low deposit light companyIf you have no established electric utility billing history, no credit or bad credit you will be asked for a deposit by all electric companies you contact.

The only electric companies that will not ask you for a deposit in this situation are prepaid light companies.

A normal electric deposit for someone with no credit or bad credit is usually $300 or more.

If you do not have this type of money for an electricity deposit I recommend signing up with a prepaid electric company to get you started.

A prepay light company will estimate your usage or may use a smart meter. Either way to get started with a prepay company will cost you about $175 on average.

The $175 charge is applied to your first months electricity usage and so unlike a deposit that is over and above what you pay monthly your prepaid amount goes directly towards your bill.

So a low deposit amount would really look like $200 and this would be the amount of your credit was okay.




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Low deposit electricThis question is often asked when I get a customer calling about getting their electricity turned on. The unfortunate answer is that all traditional electric companies will check your credit and if you have no established credit will ask you for at least $250 as a deposit.

The only way around the deposit issue is to keep shopping around until you get a low enough electric deposit you are happy with or choose a prepaid electric company.

With a prepaid electric company you simply pay in advance the first month for your electric service.

To get lights turned on with a prepay electric provider will usually run about $100 – $200 but the money is applied towards your electric bill.

A prepay energy company will either estimate your usage or if you are one of the lucky ones with a smart electric meter will charge you based on real time electric usage data as provided by your meter.

You can check low and no deposit electric companies by using the comparison tool at the top right.

To begin just enter your zip code.



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Electric deposit light companyDo you think a $350 deposit is an outrageous amount to ask for a deposit to get your lights turned on? For many people this could really hurt the pocket book but fortunately there are quiet a few ways around paying a high deposit amount.

For instance if you receive any type of government assistance you can speak with the department of health and human services and they may be able to help you pay that deposit amount.

To get this type of government assistance you will have to use the exact same address, phone number, and name with your electric company as what you have on file with the DHHS government agency or you will be turned down.

To get your name, address, and phone number information in line just call both places and make sure the information lines up. If it does not make sure you get one or the other to change the information so that it matches.

For many people working with the government on waiving an electric deposit is way more trouble than it is worth. In this situation you can instead just sign up with a prepay/prepaid electricity company.

A prepaid electricity supplier will turn on service for around $100 – $200 and this covers your first months electric bill most times.

The prepaid electric companies either will estimate your electric usage each month based on the size of the home you are living in or they will utilize a smart meter to get real time electricity usage sent to them.

If you have a smart meter the electric usage will not be estimated but you will actually be charged for only the amount of electricity you use.

You can check out some prepaid electric company offers using our compare tool at the top right.






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Good prepay electric companyFinding a good prepaid electric company has become a real issue the last couple of years as there have been some very bad electric companies that have come into existence with the sole purpose of scamming their customers.

Now most electric providers are not in the scam business and as your energy consulting company we do or best to filter out companies that are just plain no good to do business with.

In fact our comparison chart bundles in all fees and charges in the rates we show you to assist in making it absolutely clear what your electric rate will be.

We offer traditional electric company choices as well as prepaid electric companies.

You can find all of our available prepaid electric companies we believe are good and recommend to our own family and friends on the “No Deposit” tab.

If you have been turned down because of your credit by one electric company chances are it will be the same story with any other provider you talk to.

The reason this is so is because they all check your credit score to see if you qualify to get your lights turned on with them with no deposit required.

A prepaid electric company will charge you in one of two ways. If you have a smart electric meter we have prepay electric suppliers that will read your real time data and charge you for actual electric usage used.

If you do not have a smart meter we have prepaid electric providers that will estimate your electric usage and charge you on what they estimate you will use.

The estimates made by your prepaid electric company will be based mainly on the size of the place you will be staying in.

A good prepaid electric company will usually be able to get your lights turned on for a beginning price of anywhere from $100 – $200 to start.

Your initial amount you pay is deducted from your first months electric usage and is an easy way around paying an electricity deposit.

If you would like to check into available no credit check no deposit electric companies please use our comparison tool at the top right.

All you need to do to get started is enter in your zip code and click on “Compare”



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No deposit prepaid electric companyFortunately the answer to the low deposit question is an easy one. All electric companies use a number you probably have heard about before called the credit score number.

Based on your credit score determines what your deposit amount will be.

Each electric company will ask you for a slightly similar deposit amount if you fail the credit check.

If you fail a credit check with one electric company you will likely fail it with all of them.

So then what do you do if you are asked for a deposit $500 and up because your credit stink or you simply do not have credit?

There are alternative choices but that means you can’t jut go with a nice big energy brand that is traditionally used in your area.

Instead you must look at electricity offers from what are known as prepaid, prepay and no deposit electric companies.

We have a list and comparison of no deposit electric companies in your area.

To browse these type of offers just enter your zip code in the compare tool at the top right of this site.

Once you have entered in your zip code a comparison chart will appear. Go over to the no deposit electricity tab to compare available offers.