Which electric company does not ask for a deposit?

Posted by : admin | On : May 13, 2011

Low deposit electricThis question is often asked when I get a customer calling about getting their electricity turned on. The unfortunate answer is that all traditional electric companies will check your credit and if you have no established credit will ask you for at least $250 as a deposit.

The only way around the deposit issue is to keep shopping around until you get a low enough electric deposit you are happy with or choose a prepaid electric company.

With a prepaid electric company you simply pay in advance the first month for your electric service.

To get lights turned on with a prepay electric provider will usually run about $100 – $200 but the money is applied towards your electric bill.

A prepay energy company will either estimate your usage or if you are one of the lucky ones with a smart electric meter will charge you based on real time electric usage data as provided by your meter.

You can check low and no deposit electric companies by using the comparison tool at the top right.

To begin just enter your zip code.

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